Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One of the truly great things that can happen to someone is to win a tournament or competition or be recognized by your company, association, or industry.  I've been an athlete and coach all of my life and all I have to do is look around my game room and I have trophies, plaques & great memories from some of these competitions

Luckily, I also am a source for awards and trophies and get "Close to" the same satisfaction by helping people through the process of purchasing them. I recently had a client that only needed 8 awards and it was a non-profit association so I looked and looked and found a great supplier that had NO setup charge, NO change of line charge, minimum quantity was ONE, printed in FULL COLOR, they prepared a color e-proof for NO CHARGE and production time was 5-7 working days.  The cost on this award was only $21.60...double WOW!