Thursday, January 28, 2010

January is a great month in the promotional product industry because just about every supplier comes out with new products, decorating techniques, rush services, materials and specials. I'm going to start showing what is NEW and HOT so here is first new product of the year.
A new line of wearables is called chammyz and yes, they are made of a material that sucks up moisture like a Shammy. So you could be caught in a rainstorm, take it off and wring it out, then put it back on and it will air dry very quickly. They are moisture wicking, breathable, lighweight recyclable made from 100% wood fiber waste, UV Protectant (UVA & UVB Government rating of 50+) and a great heat insulator.
Perfect for hiking, surfing, fishing, boating, biking and all other outdoor activities.